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May 30, 2009


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I love all your pieces. They are so beautiful. And congratulations on the magazine. That is awesome!

Linda Varela

Congratulations on your article. My husband just bought it and I was so happy to see you in it. We met at a show in Pasadena and I tried to get into one of your classes at San Gabriel Bead Co. but it was either sold out or canceled. Now that you are famous, I will have to work extra hard to get in one of your classes. Hope it happens soon.
The best of everything to you.

Mona Ragnhildrød

Hallo Melanie. It`s long time since we meet yoy in Los Angeles. I didnt now that you have a blog. I also have one. I put you in my blog list. It`s late wednesday evening and tomorrow I and Jan Thore goes to Germany. My corps have 20 years jubilee. We chall play and have much fun. I Came back to your blog later. Have a nice day.

Hugs from Norway


Thank you! I hope you have a great time in Germany! Asbjorn and I were on your blog the other night! Looks like you are really enjoying all the fabric you bought here! Have a great trip!


congrats on the article! a little birdi says i have one coming out too in an upcoming belle armoire...will let you know (sept/oct)
also- thanks for the referral to beads by blanch- nice little ribbon order to go with your upcoming class there in NJ.
i thought of you recently when i was in Japan and was at the Ichiku Kubota Museum. there was a section devoted to his bead collection which was really unique and fascinating.

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